Outdoor Treasure
You can experience the real life - but not at home

Meet Our Host

Mr.LizardIt’s hard to tell who gets more thrilled at one of Mr. Lizard’s mobile reptile shows – the kids he’s there to see, or Mr. Lizard himself! “Every show is like a new experience,” says Brett Wilson, aka Mr. Lizard. “Each time I take the animals out for a client it’s a learning experience for both them and me. I never get tired of seeing the look on a young child’s face when they get to touch/hold one of these amazing animals for the first time.”

“You mean I can get paid for this??!!” Although Mr. Lizard has been educating and entertaining children since 1992, he volunteered his services for the first 9 years. He loves what he does so much, he did it for free for almost a decade. Now that it’s what he does for a living, he says “I’d still do it for free if I could.”

Entertaining children and adults alike with his mobile reptile zoo, a Mr. Lizard show is an experience like no other. Whether it’s a birthday party, an after school program, a holiday party, library or even in a public park, kids and adults get fun, fascinating information on these amazing animals. Including hands on with all the animals! Of course you don’t Have to hold them if you don’t want to, no one is pressured.

A California native, Mr. Lizard grew up in Sacramento, then moved to Los Angeles where he and his animals have appeared in various TV shows, movies and in print including The Late Late show, CMT, Animal Planet and Harper's Bazaar. He recently moved with his reptile zoo, his girlfriend and three cats to an apartment overlooking the Willamette River in beautiful Portland OR.